About Calyx Group

More than two decades ago, an ambition was born, a thought was manifested and a purpose emerged to form the CALYX Group with the mantra of all-inclusive growth. We believe that real progress can only be achieved through harmony, which is amply embedded in the philosophy of every employee, associate, and key vendors. From creating mesmerizing pieces of architecture to mammoth sized townships, we have left an indelible mark of excellence in every endeavor. And, with a new surge in ambition we have embarked on a journey to emerge as an iconic conglomerate with our souls firmly rooted to our values. The impressive response and growth has motivated us to venture into varied verticals including Media & Entertainment, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, and more. Through our new endeavors, we aim to touch as many lives as possible and contribute towards mutual success and harmony.


We've recently spread our expertise in other fields such as hospitality & power, where the service will be launched soon. Visit our restaurant The Break Room at Baner
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With a gigantic resource pool, we took the big leap into infrastructural development in sectors as widespread as irrigation, electrical, Public transport, Public ..
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Films and television production, software/app development, social networking, online entertainment, event management, etc. are some of our activities in this field.
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We’re involved in Production, Import-Export, Sales & Marketing of telecom devices catering to specific needs of customers, and plan to launch our accessories..
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“It’s raining cats and dogs” is a phrase used to describe our ample monsoon season. It is a time of immense opportunity for fun & games. Especially when you’re shut
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