Atulya Raghukul 2 BHK
अतुल्य रघुकुल – घेऊन टाक मित्रा! स्वप्नातलं घर, मनातला दर!
November 29, 2018
Atulya Talegaon – Best Home at the Best Price!
January 22, 2019

Calyx has been offering projects that are worth your hard earned money and aims to do so in future too. Atulya in Talegaon is one of their projects that is touching hearts of thousand because of its affordability and beauty. 1 & 2 BHK homes with the serenity of nature and comfort of the modern world are finely blended together to create an aura that makes Atulya a perfect home to be in.

A home that reflects love!

A home where your family will build their lives should be a home built with love, peace, and prosperity. Atulya offer homes that emit an aura that bring joy to life. The dream home is not only be built with luxurious amenities and designs, but it should also be the perfect space where all the members of the family have their own corner. Atulya ensures that the owner is able to relish every moment and make memories for a lifetime.

A home that is amidst nature!

Atulya is built amidst the loving nature for you to breathe in fresh air every day and live a healthy life. The complex is fringed with lush green trees to everyday experience breezy days even when the sun is too harsh on you. A home that isn’t close to nature will never be good enough to live in.

A Home with convenience!

Atulya is strategically located where access to the daily needs is just a few steps away. Talegaon is one of the fastest developing parts of Maharashtra, making it a perfect location where you should invest for a better return in the future. Atulya hosts homes that are beautifully crafted with convenience and comfort for you to follow a lifestyle that you have always wished for.

A Home with supreme amenities!

Atulya hosts an array of modern amenities to keep you entertained all day. A kids play area for your kids to have a fun childhood, a space dedicated solely to elderly people where they can revive and relax, a clubhouse for all you to make memories during the festivities, a multi-purpose hall for you to celebrate your milestones, a jogging track, a gym and a yoga center for you to always be on a healthier side.

A Home with your dreams!

Last but not the least, Atulya homes are built to fulfill the dreams of millions who want to own a home someday but are pulled back by budget constraints or being unable to find the perfect home.   

With so many reasons to choose Atulya Talegaon as you dream home, what’s stopping you from taking the best decision of your life? Visit today and be a part of happy people’s colony! 

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