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June 3, 2019
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The three most important things to think about when buying are home are location, location, location. It is definitely right up there on your list of requirements when house-hunting. You can live with almost any imperfection in a home, you can change almost everything else. But, once bought, you cannot change your home’s location.

Budget & Pricing
Budgeting is about understanding how much money you have and where it goes, then coming up with a spending plan that works best for you. Making even small changes can have a positive impact on your overall financial situation. A budget is a practical, hands-on planning tool that can help you to gain control of your money, ensure that you are living within your means, implement smart spending and saving habits, achieve your goals. A budget is an action plan that can help your homeownership goal become a reality.

Neighbourhood & Amenities
When you go house hunting, consider any potential home’s proximity to your work, the charm of the neighborhood, how the home is situated on the lot, ease of access, noise from neighbors, traffic, and pets, as well as access to parks, shopping, schools, and public transportation.

You are going to spend a good chunk of the rest of your life in the house you decide to purchase. Does your society have power back-up in common areas? Is there ample parking space available? Are the security measures satisfactory? Is the locality child / senior-friendly? Is there enough water supply? These are just a few factors that will decide the quality of your life.

Purchasing property from a reliable Developer is essential in ensuring a smooth, hassle-free process of home-buying. Is the developer well-reputed? Does the company have a history of giving timely possession? Also, the developer will play a massive role in determining the quality of construction of your new home.

Date of Possession
Are you looking for flats that are ready-to-move? Or are you investing for a few years down the line? Coming to this decision will help you in planning your strategy in home-buying.

Space & Floor Plan
You may be thinking about buying your dream home. But is your dream home impractical? Do you need three bedrooms when you live only with your spouse? A large home can give you the extra space you’ve always wanted for a home office or crafts or art projects. But you’ll pay higher maintenance bills and have higher taxes. It will take more furniture to fill it and money to decorate. Think about how the new home space will be used and whether it will fit your lifestyle now and in the future.

Kitchen & Storage
If the kitchen is the heart of your home, don’t settle for a home with a kitchen that won’t work. You can always remodel, but it’s very costly. Can you replace cabinet faces and countertops? Will an inexpensive makeover be sufficient? Don’t worry about appliances, as they can usually be easily replaced. If you have lots of sports equipment, craft supplies, out-of-season clothes, and holiday decorations, be sure you know where all this will go in your new home. You can always add storage space, but you might have to sacrifice living space in your rooms.

On-Site Maintenance
No proper water supply for three days? Even a sudden leakage can do serious damage to your apartment. An on-site maintenance department can help you take action in no time.

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