Atulya, Raghukul- The new landmark to Space & Convenience
October 11, 2018
Atulya Raghukul 2 BHK
अतुल्य रघुकुल – घेऊन टाक मित्रा! स्वप्नातलं घर, मनातला दर!
November 29, 2018

Calyx Group hosted a mega launch event for Atulya Raghukul, where homes are made for everyone. They host an array of dream homes that you have wished for and have been saving your hard earned money for. They offer 1 and 2 BHK homes that fit your budget and are affordable for all of you. Atulya Raghukul is strategically located at Dighi-Alandi Airport Road starting from just Rs.11.99* lacs keeping connectivity a priority. To give you an unforgettable experience and to make sure that the homes not only fit your budgets but your dreams too, Atulya Raghukul was offering a virtual reality tour of the entire project and the display flat that is designed according to your comfort and convenience for all the days of the event, all day long. The entire event had specific hours in the day where people could get a chance to win gold coins and home appliances on booking their dream home. These offers were specially curated to usher in the festivities while you also book your dream home.

Suniel Shetty’s faith in Atulya.

Veteran actor, Suniel Shetty gave a site visit, had an audience interaction about how Atulya Raghukul is their dream home. Customers who booked homes with Atulya Raghukul got a magnificent chance to frame their most precious moment owning a home Suniel Shetty in the frame. The event also educated people on home loans and how beneficial is Pradhan Mantri Yojna for the customer and his/her family. The Yojna is an initiative by the government to help the economically backward people, giving plenty of opportunities and financial help to women and elderly people. 

Our vision behind your home.

The vision behind putting up a 10-day long event was to spread awareness about Atulya Raghukul homes that fit your budget, a home that has your heart in it. We designed homes that relish relationships and has a corner for every member of the family. The homes come with amenities that will easily blend with your lifestyle to enhance it. Atulya also ensures prosperity and endless joyous moments at home for a lifetime. 

Your trust, Our quality.

The event was a great success only because of the love and trust our customers bestowed on us. There have been more than 1100+ bookings and the counting is still on. We put our hearts out and thank you for the unbelievable response that each one of you gave us. We hope Atulya Raghukul fulfils everything that you had asked for in your dream home. May your home be a place for you to flourish and be bright with the gleam of joy.

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