To provide beautiful spaces and an enhanced lifestyles; Calyx Group strives to excel in the real estate sector with every project. If you feel passionate about excelling in your career too, one that’s growth-oriented and makes a difference in your and other’s lives, we are the partners to your promising tomorrow.

Providing more than just excellence, we at Calyx encourage an empowering work environment. Being a part of the team is all about motivating and challenging each other to deliver beyond capabilities. We expect a positive and accepting attitude to constructive criticism and expect a supporting team spirit in every sphere of work space. If you feel a connection to our ethos, we are the partners to your development, every day.

Below are the current openings in our company, but we don’t limit to just filling in our vacancies! If you have got the spark, we need you whether there’s a vacancy or not. Write to us today with your Resume and send it on