Mr. Dr. Gaurav Somani

Calyx Group M.D.

Dr. Gaurav Somani is the elder son of Mr. Sunil Somani and the bearer of this distinguished legacy of the CALYX group. From, an early age he was enamored by the charms of the construction Industry. He completed his formal education and graduation (commerce) in Pune and later on, he added a Diploma and Post-graduate degrees in Management to his academic credentials.

Currently, he has completed the prestigious Doctorate or (Ph.D.) in Operational Management. He plunged into the real estate business in 2006 and has been a pillar of support to his father. He has infused a fresh breath of air in the organization, by his electrifying management abilities and dynamic man-management. Dr. Gaurav, believes, that at the heart of any architectural marvel, is nothing but an elusive balance of prudent engineering and practical design, while he ceaselessly Endeavour's to strike that right chord between engineering and aesthetics to compose splendid structures. He has implemented innovative practices internally by streamlining operations and externally, by introducing modern techniques & equipment in the realty sector.

Dr. Gaurav heads the organization’s Operation & Business Development with sights on expanding horizons of Business enterprise with clockwork precision. He also has the finance department in his kitty and executes all its functions with a judicious disposition of a financial wizard. He handles verticals like Telecommunication, Media & Entertainment, Hospitality, Power, Industrial Development, and some factories and part of Real Estate. Recently He has launched New restaurant at NIBM The Break Room Restro on 14th Dec with band Agnee