Calyx Group recently orayed into the dynamic and exciting domain if media and entertainment with the launch of Calyx Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. This wing of the calyx family will focus on tapping into the vast potential offered by the ever-expanding arts and entertainment domain. With conventional entertainment undergoing a sea changes, Calyx is looking forward to carve a niche for itself by offering a wholesale brand of new media.

Calyx Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. will primarily execute projects in the domains of films, television software, online entertainment, event management, and much more.

Marathi Manoranjan

The maiden venture of Calyx Media, Marathi Manoranjan is a social networking site designed to serve as a comprehensive platform for the showcase of Marathi Films, Theatre, Cultural events, TV Serials and shows. The portal acts as a hub that gives due coverage to the latest buzz in the Marathi arts & entertainment sector, covering the domains of film promotions, events and exhibitions, celebrity interviews and interactions, upcoming talent scouting, and much more.

The firm works at the grassroot level to ensure that crucial networking elements of the industry – namely promotion and event management, social awareness creation, commercial portfolio management, media creation and the like – are nurtured with right amount of passion and dedication. The consolidated strength of the enterprise is derived from its strong foundation virtues of consistent and sincere work, zest to ideate out of the box, and transparent management practises.

Salaam – The Movie

Release in the year 2014 ‘Salaam’ is an ode to the key roles played by relationships in shaping our lives. Narrated through the kaleidoscope of eight characters – a school going clan – and the tight-knit bond they share. The movie is the latest directorial venture by Kiran Yadnyopavit of Taranche Bet fame.

The enduring message the makers convey through the movie is “We all get one shot at life before we drown for good. The key lies in how many times we are able to rise above adversity and reinvent ourselves!” the secret to life lies in smaller details: that is the underlying sentiment this cinematic attempt tries to convey.

Film stars Girish Kulkarni, Kishore Kadam, Atisha Naik, Jyoti Chandekar, Sanjay Kharpe and child artiste Vivek Chabikswar form the core of the star cast. The script has been penned by Kiran Yadnyopavit himself, with lyrics by Vaibhav Joshi and music by Rahul Ranade.

Other Endeavours

Also, we were associated with the Tamenchey movie as a brand partner that released on 19th Sept 2014. In media & entertainment we are engaged in a lot of brand building activities such as tie-up with Bollywood as well Hollywood movies. Step Up All In that release in 2014 was our first association in Hollywood. The calyx group was the brand associate for India launch of this movie.