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Christmas parties are a great way to get friends and coworkers together to celebrate the holiday season. If you are planning a Christmas party, you may be feeling the stress of coordinating and managing the event. Here are a few tips to ensure that your party will be stress-free, and you will be able to bring Christmas cheer to all your family and friends!


Plan Early
You need to give yourself enough time to work out all the details of the party. Try to start your planning a few weeks before Christmas. This will not only give you enough time to plan the party, it also will allow you to invite your guests early so that they won’t plan anything else for that day.


Gift Exchange
Decide in advance whether you want your guests do a gift exchange like Secret Santa or White Elephant. This is not a necessary part of the party, but it can add some excitement and give your guests an activity to bond over.


Budget Your Expenses
Draw up a general budget of your party. Unless you are renting a space, providing food and drinks will probably be the most expensive aspect of your party.


Food & Beverages
If you have decided to go the catering route, call the restaurant or service you are getting your food from. Make sure that the catering company offers a wide range of food so that everyone will be able to find something they like. Many Christmas parties serve alcoholic beverages. Decide if you want alcohol at your party. You may decide to buy alcohol and mixers at the store, or you may want to prepare a large batch of alcoholic punch or a batch of your favorite cocktail.


Clean the Space
If your party is at a rented venue, the space should already be ready and set up. However, if you are holding the party at your house or your office, you will likely need to do some major cleaning.


Decorate the Venue
Make sure the space follows a Christmas theme by putting out stockings, tinsel, mistletoe, red and green ornaments, and any other decorations that fit the Christmas spirit.


Turn On the Music
Make a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs, mixed in with other party music. Use speakers to play the music at a normal volume. When making your playlist, think about your audience. Consider that your coworkers and your older relatives may be at the party, and play music that is not too aggressive or too inappropriate.


Appropriate Lighting
Glaring lights can kill a cheerful holiday vibe. Dim overhead lights, and turn on any standing lamps or other light sources. Consider hanging Christmas lights along the walls to give your party a twinkling, warm light.


At the end of the night, start to wind down the party. Use subtle methods like turning down the music, or putting away food, to signal that the party is over. As your guests leave, smile and thank them for coming.

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